3 Important Things To Consider When Building A Concrete Garage

Building a garage can offer some great benefits including keeping your cars safe from the elements, keeping them safe from burglars and also providing a place to store your various tools, lawn mowers, and other outdoor accessories. Whilst a garage can be fantastic there can be some issues that you need to consider when building one, as once your garage is built any foundational issues can be very difficult, time consuming and expensive to fix. Read on to learn about a few important things you need to consider when building a garage.

1 Concrete Slab Thickness

A major mistake when building a garage is to pour a concrete slab that is too thin or not reinforced properly . Your garage floor may need to support several tonnes of vehicles including heavy trucks, and if the floor is too thin and weak theres a good chance it may crack under the pressure causing serious structural damage to your garage. If the floor is seriously damaged you may need to knock it all down and start again. Even smaller cracks can still allow water to seek in through the ground and cause drainage issues. Your best bet is to ensure that you pour your concrete base and make it nice and thick, as well as using reinforced concrete, this will ensure the floor is strong and will last you a lifetime.

2 Security

As unfortunate as it is, almost every neighborhood has some amount of crime and burglars are always on the prowl. A well secured garage is a great deterrent for most would be thieves however if your garage is poorly built they may find an easy way in and can end up stealing your vehicles, garden tools or whatever other valuables you may have kept in there. Ensuring you have a high quality lock, small and difficult to access windows, and snug fitting garage door will go a long way to ensure that your valuables are kept safe.

3 Drainage Issues

Youll want to make sure you have proper drainage setup for your garage so that you dont get water runoff appearing in your garage during a rain storm. Simple things such as making sure you have proper drains and drainage setup around your garage as well as guttering to funnel all that rainwater into the drains, will go a long way to ensure that your garage doesnt flood every time theres a storm of heavy rain. You may want to discuss this with your concreter and plumber during the construction phase.