4 Great Ideas To Help In Customizing Privacy Fence In Houston, Austin And Dallas Tx

A home owner who wants to build or create a privacy-fence with an extra flair has various options that will help them embellish and customize a basic privacy fence. The basic solid cedar style fence combines the coveted privacy from neighbors and a simple, clean look. Although when it is repeated in several yards, it can be somewhat monotonous. In these modern days, there are so many options for home owners who want a solid-style cedar fence but do not want yards that blend with everyone elses. If you are searching for a privacy fence with flair, therere various customization options that are available for you.

Basic privacy-fence

A standard basic privacy fence will typically measure 6 ft. in height and will also feature tightly fitted boards. The top of the fence is always flat to give out a smooth and even appearance. One can easily add some interests to the basic privacy fence by using a dog-eared board, thereby portraying a more dynamic pattern at the top. One can also experiment by suing a variety of board widths and by alternating the board heights.

Picture-frame fence

A picture-frame fence leans more towards a decorative variation of privacy fencing. This could be made of any material. Want the best fence in Houston TX, Click Here. Its name originates from the horizontal rails and the vertical posts which frames each section of the fence. These framings add charm as well as an opportunity for customization. You are also at liberty to select board height, the total number of boards that a single frame will have and also whether the boards and frames will match or not. It is also possible to embellish a picture-frame fence using additional wood-trims.

Lattice top

A lattice-top fence Boston is basically a variation on the privacy fencing. A creative home owner might be able to further enhance this concept by taking it a step further through incorporating the lattice top sections into the fences body therefore creating a very interesting semi privacy effect. A home owner can also use a small narrow section of the lattice as a frame in the picture-frame fence. Alternatively, you can also alternate the lattice sections for the solid boards.

Semi privacy fence

This is mostly used by home owners who are not especially keen on total privacy. They are considerably shorter than the regular private fencing, with little spaces in between these boards. Unlike other privacy fences, these are more open and provide a sense of freedom. You can also use any type of material for the fence installation. By adjusting the height and width of the boards, one can create very attractive designs. Try and use tall and thin boards by placing them ½ to ¾ inches apart. While the slotted-effect will give the fence an impression of being open, the height will give an impression of privacy.