Can You Use All Normal 120/240 Vac Appliances With Solar Energy?

Let’s face it – many home and business owners have considered solar energy as a great addition to their electrical systems. As good as it may be in terms of
savings and environmental issues, solar energy is still not something common in today’s world. However, people are slowly but surely embracing it and the
questions around it.

The 120/240 VAC Appliances: Which Of Them Can Run On Solar Energy?

One of the most common questions that every skilled electrician in Kaneohe gets asked about are
the 120/240 VAC appliances that include cooking stoves, electric water heaters, air conditioners
and furnaces – and if they could be switched to solar energy intake. Although they are naturally using electricity for space heating or cooking, these appliances
require more energy to operate and therefore have more expensive loads on solar energy. That is why the LP or natural gas are the best solutions to this
problem. Instead of the regular use of AC units, homeowners in Hawaii have started to opt out for evaporative cooling systems and passive solar for heating in
case it is possible. When it comes to lighting and refrigeration, these are appliances that usually take up the most 120 VAC energy in a home or office after
electric heating loads. Therefore, it is ideal if they are efficient and improve the energy efficiency ratings. With a variety of energy efficient refrigeration and
lighting models now available through solar energy, these appliances are not anymore a common problem. Last but not the least are compact fluorescent light
bulbs. They are known to use a quarter of the power of incandescent lighting and are therefore an ideal choice for the same lumens output – yet perfectly fit for
a solar energy model. They also last up to ten times longer and are available at nearly all local hardware stores.

An Important Thing To Know When Going Solar

Going solar is something that many homeowners are starting to consider. However, it is as good as the electrician putting it to work. There is a rule of thumb
when it comes to renewable energy that says: For every dollar spent on changing inefficient appliances, you save three dollars in the cost of renewable energy
systems including solar and wind systems.’ Therefore, it is evident why you should hire an electrician in Kaneohe to install solar panels in your home or office
and show you the real benefits over the long run!