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Survival Experts How Ants Communicate In Their Societies

The queen ants in colonies are usually single in These ants can live up to 30 years of age, and when they are fertile they can host up to 50,000 ant eggs at a time. You can learn more about the caste system of ants by visiting

There is no wonder then that the worker, drone and soldier ants have a lot of respect for her and set about doing their work of collecting food and building nests without any hesitation.

Get to know more about Bedbugs


Bedbugs can be termed as the most difficult and stubborn pests. For you to get rid of them then it is important to understand them. Do not underestimate them; bed bugs take a lot of knowledge, experience, time, and effort to deal with successfully. You need to keep a heightened level of vigilance to assure you are properly prepared to detect and deal with bed bugs.