Checklist And Tips For An Affordable, Easy, Stress-free, And Secure Storage

The hardest part of moving is packing your stuff one by one into boxes and putting them into storage, and this is also the most crucial part since some valuables are so fragile.

Some things can break upon impact if not properly stored. What do you need to prevent your stuff from being broken? What are the best packing tips for an individual like you? What are the things to consider when choosing the right type of storage? Here are the tips that can answer all of these questions, and more.

General Storage Tips

Make an inventory
Create a list of all your possessions. Sort your belongings into things that can be disposed and into items that can be stored. This step is vital in choosing the best storage solution for your move.

Storage company tips
Once youve made a list, you can begin researching for storage facilities. Here are the best tips for finding the storage company for your needs.

Make sure that the storage company can store all your possessions.
Ensure that they can cater to all your needs such as 24-hour access to your storage unit.
See to it that the company is always security monitored.

Types of storage
There are many types of storage units, but the most popular are shared units and self-storage units. Choose the type of storage unit that can protect your belongings from harsh elements and reduce handling.

Check storage quotes
Check the cost of the services offered by a moving company. Compare the prices from other movers so that you can decide the best one for your budget and needs. You must also ensure that all the quotes come from the actual providers and not from third parties. Make certain that the quotes for services like storage boxes, packing supplies, and professional packing all come from your chosen provider.

Check for freebies
Everyone loves freebies and add-ons. Some companies give added extras, while some dont. Hire a moving company that does not only provide all your needs but also gives away freebies.

Book a moving company
When youve chosen a mover, keep in contact with them and provide them a list of items that will be put into storage.

Just the plan of moving can be overwhelming. Packing all your stuff, transporting them into your new residence, and unloading everything requires a lot of energy and time. But using an organized and strategic approach, while using the best storage solutions will make the moving process more comfortable for you.