Lamainte Advantages Part 2


The laminate floor is suitable for the warm water underfloor heating systems responsible for keeping the house warm if you are seeking a more cozy feeling. This factor has made laminate one of the most installed types of flooring all over.

The High-Density Fireboard base provides high core protection and makes it almost waterproof. This Integrated Aqua Stop System helps the floor repel any moisture hence protecting the floor from damage. One of the reasons laminate flooring can last up to 40years.

The natural looking pattern easily comes off from the onset due to the long boards used for flooring. The swirling wood grain makes the boards look like real hardwood. This factor minimizes the building block look and accentuates the beautiful and continuous patterns giving the home a more natural feel.

Due to advanced technology, the fitting of different boards is very close knit and tight. Making the layout smooth and bump free- the invisible joints serve as protection from dirt and moisture.

Unlike carpeting, laminate flooring does not trap any dust causing allergens. Therefore it is a suitable choice for homes with occupants prone to allergies as it is also easy and quick to clean. The smooth texture of the laminate flooring makes it easier to sweep or mop over compared to any other tile.

The smooth surface of the laminate flooring also prevents stain and spills from adhering to the tile, making stain removal quite an easy task. Although, one should clean up any spill as soon as possible for precaution. In addition to the prior, the laminate flooring has a plastic wear that protects the floor from tear and also prevents moisture for seeping into the floor. Also, the tightly installed flooring makes it quite hard for any moisture to get passed the invisible joints.

The airtight lock system makes the laminate flooring most sanitary because dust and moisture do not easily seep. Hardwood nature makes it expand and contract depending on the humidity or temperature unlike the laminate flooring, making it easier for moisture to seep through the crevices. In cases whereby moisture gets in, or permanent damage occurs on the base board or the surface, laminate flooring can be easily replaced by simply lifting the boards.

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Laminate flooring Is most suitable for the living room especially. This flooring can transform a simple laid back room into a sleek, inviting and high-end living room. The living room has a lot of traffic from people watching the TV to children playing and reading books; laminate flooring can withstand that kind of constant traffic flow.

One another reason why laminate is perfect for the living room is that its hypo-allergenic meaning no one would be prone to dust. Also, the floor is suitable for pets as they tend to hang around the living room a lot. The ease of cleaning and also the smooth texture that does not trap fur makes laminate flooring such a comfort in the home.