Pre-cast Footings: The Best Decks Foundation

Are you building a deck, only to find out that wooden posts cant rests on your soil? You knew right then and there you need pre-cast footings? What is it and how is it installed?

In very few situations, you can rest on a wood deck post on the ground without it sooner or later, moving. You can pull it off if you put the post on the bedrock> or you can also put it on a hard-packed material that has sufficient compressible strength to stop it from sinking into the ground. A bedrock for example, has that kind of toughness.

Do you know that a substantial amount of weight can support deck posts. It can range from hundreds or even thousands of pounds. It can carry the weight of the deck, the furniture and the added weight of people sitting on it. Envision the extra weight of the people once the deck is packed.

If your deck is in on with your house, then half of the total weight of the deck is transported to the foundation of the house. The other half may be shipped on the ground by just using 2 or 3 posts. If the posts however, are 4-by-4s, it is an unbelievable amount of weight focused on the area of less than 25 to 37 square inches.

This is the reason that wooden deck posts must recline on a solid bearing point. Make sure that it will not sink nor lift up. That is because of the action of the frost in the soil. In woonden deck posts, you can support them with wooden deck posts in any variety of ways. For many years, concrete desk piers have been used for many years.

Simply, a deck post footing is a 20-inch or sometimes larger diameter of concrete placed down at the bottom of a hole which happens to be dug in solid soil. The bottom of the hole requires to be under the local frost level. Once the concrete hardens, the wooden deck post is situation on the pad.

The problem with this method however, is the termites. They have devoured, even treated lumber rated for below the ground burial. As a result, it is advisable not to place wood in close to the soil. Because if you do, keep your fingers crossed that it will not rot.

A concrete deck pier on the other hand is a column of concrete that moves up out of the soil. Traditionally, the diameter of the pier is 6 to 8 inches.