Relocating Is Scary, This House Removals Guide May Help!

Relocating to a new city can be stressful for a lot of people, this is why many of us have trouble with the organization that comes with relocating. Here is a checklist that can make your relocating to a new city less stressful.
Two Months Before You Move

You’ll want to cancel or transfer memberships that you have; that would be something like the gym membership. It’s important to do this more than one month before you move because they might auto renew or it might be an extra charge to cancel with late notice. If you are going to need to switch health care providers, you can go to request a copy of your records. Also, contact your insurance agent and find out if you’re going to have to update any of your policies. If you’re going to be using a moving company then this is about the time that you’re going to want to call around and get quotes for a place so that you can pick one. You don’t necessarily need to book this far in advance but you can if it gives you peace of mind.

About One Month From Moving

When you’re about a month out, it’s a good time to start packing up anything that is pretty infrequently used but don’t seal up the boxes. That way if you do need to get to something within those last like two weeks or so before you move it’s not a complete pain to rip open the box and dig through it. Another thing that I think is really important to do about a month before you move is to update your address and have them hold your mail. I like to notify the post office about four weeks in advance to have them hold my mail so I can go pick it up whenever I need to as frequently as I want but I don’t have to worry about things slipping through the cracks and ending up with the new tenant. The last thing to do at about three to four weeks out from the move is to call off your utility companies and either set up a date to cancel the service or to transfer the service.

About Two Weeks Out From Move

You should think about planning out your meals so that you’re using up your perishable foods and you’re not going to be stuck with things that are going to waste or be thrown out. Keep in mind that a lot of times you have to defrost the refrigerator at least 24 hours before you move so that last 24-48 hours you won’t even be using your fridge. You want to confirm with the moving company if you’re using one. It might seem like overkill to some people to book it and then confirm but you really do not want to end up with no one showing up to help you and you need to get out of your place At this point it’s also a really good idea to measure any large furniture you have and make sure that it’s going to be able to fit through the doorway if you have anything that needs to be disassembled, like the legs have to get taken off it or it has to come completely apart, make sure that you schedule time to do that. The last things I have on my list are just kind of cleanup and maintenance things which you can do on the day of the move or a little bit before.

That is everything that I have on the moving checklist. Again I tried to be as comprehensive as possible, there are definitely some things on here that don’t apply to me but I know that they might be helpful to others so I left them on the list but if there’s anything I didn’t think of that you think it’s important to do for moving definitely leave it in the comments below. for more info click here .