Whoever Thought That Cleaning Could Make You Happy? Apparently, It Does.

There is a large trend that is taking over the internet lately and it has to do with cleaning. More and more people are getting hooked on watching other people clean their homes and tidy up. It has been described somewhat similar to being addicted to watching other things but instead of it being a Netflix movie or your favorite series, its watching people clean. For example, a very popular type of video that always seems to go viral is types of content centered around organizing things by color. There seems to be something addictive in those types of videos that keeps people wanting more.

It goes without saying that there are countless websites and blogs that talk about cleaning and organization while more and more seem to pop up every day to meet demand. The big question is, what is it about organized cleaning that makes people like it, and what is so addictive about it. Can we define it? Can we put our finger on it? Just what exactly is going on here?

Well, as it turns out, keeping things organized, tidy and clean is really good for you, and its not just people saying that. Science has actually proven it, believe it or not. One study discovered that people who have clean houses are actually much happier than people who do not have clean houses and do not regularly take part in cleaning activities. The study also went on to say that folks who kept clean houses also had healthier bodies and led much healthier lives compared to those who did not clean as much.

Another study found that when analyzing people who described their home floors as being dirty and dusty had a higher chance of experiencing depression and feeling tired compared to the other group of people who described their floor as being spotless and clean. The team of researchers also found that the people who had untidy and unorganized homes had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol in their blood.

Now instead of dreading that cleaning chore, you can now look forward to it knowing that it will improve your life in many ways. Just be sure that when you tackle the bigger jobs like mopping the floor that you do not injure yourself by using a heavy mop bucket to clean your floor. No matter how much happiness the completion of the task may bring, its not worth having to sustain an unnecessary injury. Rather use a lightweight microfiber mop found on www.amazon.com instead that requires no bucket or chemicals.