How To Clean A Terracotta Tile Roof

If the tiles on the roof of your home are not cleaned say every two years. Not only can this lead to mould, but it can cause other problems down the line too. If you choose to do it for yourself then keep the following in mind.

1 – Have A Plan In Place

Before you even think about climbing up onto the roof of your home you need to get things ready. Begin by actually inspecting the roof from ground level to see if you can spot the areas that are in particular need of a clean. Look closely for any areas where algae or moss seem prevalent. Once you have a plan in place make sure that you start work on the highest surface and then work your way down the roof.

2 – Make Sure You Have The Right Safety Equipment

It is best for your safety that you make sure you use the right safety equipment. Always use a sturdy and secure ladder and a good quality safety harness, plus make sure to wear a pair of non-slip shoes that will provide good traction and balance. It is also worth asking someone to help you so they can pass up to you what is needed from below, rather than you keep having to go up and down the ladder. Plus they will have a clear view of the roof and can tell you where needs cleaning.

3 – Use A Pressure Washer

You could of course clean your homes terracotta roof by hand, but a pressure washer will not only save you time. But it will also produce strong jets of water that will give the tiles on the roof a good clean. As you do clean the roof remember to check for any damage to the tiles and also the flashing. The same also goes for the roof guttering and downpipes. If you notice any areas of moss or other plants that are difficult to remove you’ll have to apply an anti-moss treatment in order to remove them. You don’t need to spend money buying a pressure washer if you dont have one already, you can hire one instead.

4 – Cleaning The Roof

Begin washing the roof tiles with the pressure washer set at about 1,200 psi. Plus make sure to read through the operating instructions so you know the exact pressure setting and angle at which to use it to clean your roof. As you clean the roof tiles use long smooth strokes and never allow the pressure to remain in one particular area for any long period of time. Also, make sure to keep the nozzle of the pressure washer at least 30 cms away from the tiles. Make sure that you wash each section thoroughly and only do small areas at a time. Keep washing until you are unable to see any more dirt or debris. You must take your time over this to ensure that you remove all dirt and can inspect the roof for any damage. Plus make sure that you step on the lower third of each tile, as this has proven to be much safer.

5 – Apply An Anti Moss Spray

If you notice that there are some stubborn plants on the roof you apply this using the pressure washer. It is important that before applying this not only must you make sure the roof is completely dry, but also that you wear gloves. Allow the spray a few minutes to do its work before you then clean it off using clean water. Regular cleaning of the terracotta roof tiles on your home, won’t only help to keep them looking great, but will also help them to last longer.